Welcome to Rosewall

Rosewall is a leading supplier of school uniforms in South Africa. We have been supplying schools for more than 20 years and pride ourselves in delivering good quality clothing, providing friendly, professional service and maintaining close relationships with the schools and parents that we supply. We strive to make school uniform buying a quick, easy, affordable process.


Our uniform shops are situated on the school property for convenience to parents.

We provide a fitting service in store to ensure your child has a comfortable, well fitted uniform. Custom items can be made for staff, tours, teams and supporters. Our uniform can be purchased in-store, online, by email or over the telephone.


All of our uniforms are made using top quality fabrics to ensure longevity. Many items have a special teflon finish to protect fabric from heat, stains and for added comfort.

Our fabrics have been tested for colour-fastness. Should any quality issue arise, we ensure that it is addressed swiftly.

Made in South Africa

We promote supporting local manufacturers and all of our uniforms are 100% manufactured within South Africa.